Public Speaking

6-week course - 1hr per week

The thought of speaking in public can be terrifying, but for most of us it's an important part of our job and our day to day lives. Whether it's speaking at a conference, teaching in front of a class or just addressing your team in a meeting, you want to be able to convey your message clearly and not be distracted by nerves, or crippled by fear.

Nerves and anxiety about how we speak and how we think we might be perceived prevents us from expressing ourselves well.

By the end of this course, you will have a clearer understanding of nerves, why we get them and more importantly how to manage them. Your diction and articulation will have improved. You will have a greater awareness or your body language and the non-verbal cues and messages you are sending out. Your confidence will have grown as you recognise the improvement in your ability to present effectively.

Lessons are available face to face and over Zoom.
Please get in touch if you have any questions and to find out about pricing.

The 6 week course will address:

  • Confidence
  • Speed of delivery
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Using the voice to add expression and colour
  • Breathing techniques
  • Improving articulation and diction
  • Strengthening the articulation muscles in the face
  • Correcting posture
  • Projection
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CPD accredited
Both the Public Speaking and Accent Softening course are CPD accredited.
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CPD accredited
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