Point Taken Training

Point Taken is a training consultancy specialising in building an individual’s ability to communicate effectively and with confidence.

Clear communication incorporates three key elements: Verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal communication.

Verbal Communication: This refers to the words we choose to use and the arrangement of these words.

Para-verbal Communication: This refers to how we say the words we have chosen. Do we sound happy, sad, aggressive etc?

Non-Verbal communication: This refers to how we use our body language to express our thoughts. This includes our facial expression and hand gestures.

Think of these elements as a three-legged stool; they must all be even for the stool to be effective and work properly.

In an ideal world people would be able to know and understand exactly what we mean and how we mean it. There would be no miscommunication, no misunderstandings, no mishearing and no assumptions made. Things like nerves, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs would not exist to hold us back and get in the way.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world and such issues often get in the way of how we communicate, acting as barriers, limiting our confidence and progression and holding us back professionally and personally.

Developing your skills so you are aware of and in control of your verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal communication will ensure that you can confidently say…..point taken!

Point Taken Training has a range of training opportunities to improve elements of your communication.

These include:

  • Accent Softening
  • Confidence in Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Development

Accent Softening Training

Not just for those who have an accent. This course can also help you increase clarity of speech and improve tone of voice.

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Confidence in Public Speaking Training

Learn to understand and manage your public speaking anxiety and gain skills and techniques to improve your presenting.

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Management Leadership

Learn to improve your ability to communicate effectively with others to build happy, productive relationships.

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Interpersonal Skills

These coaching style sessions will help you to focus on your self-awareness in order to fulfil life goals.

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