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Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?!! When, after a situation, you sit back and wish you could have a ‘take back’! Erase what was said and done and start again!

Did you say the wrong thing? Was what you said taken the wrong way? Did your words and actions upset someone? Or did you get upset with yourself and have a reaction that was unhelpful in the situation, and now the relationship has taken a nosedive. Maybe nerves and lack of practice got the better of you and you missed out on an opportunity!

Unfortunately, I am not here to tell you about my amazing time traveling machine that allows you to go back in time and relive a situation, but I can offer you the opportunity to practice a situation and/or conversation before the real thing.

Difficult conversations happen all the time and all these situations and many more, can come with an amount of pressure, plus on top of that the extra pressure that we put on ourselves. Under that pressure we can easily make mistakes or say the wrong thing that could cost us a relationship or opportunity and cause us stress and upset.

The benefit of being able to practice what you want to say in a safe environment is that you can try out several scenarios and try wording things in different ways. All without upsetting yourself or offending anyone else.

So here is an opportunity to have that practice with one of the team at Point Taken Training.

Once you have booked your slot with one of us via our booking system, you can use that time as you wish. We can act out the scenario or just have a discussion about it. Your practice partner, (myself or one of the team) will then give you honest feedback on how you came across, how the wording you chose made them feel and then offer alternatives that may be better and more effective.  This is important to consider as, like I say, words are like toothpaste, once they are out there, they can’t be put back in and you don’t want to risk miscommunication, confusion, having to backtrack and explain yourself and create a wrong assumption. We will also offer feedback in other areas of your delivery including your nonverbal communication.

The sessions will be held via Zoom and can be recorded, giving you the opportunity to go back over the session so you can see for yourself how you came across.  You can also listen back over the feedback, giving you the chance to keep practicing until the real thing.

Myself and my team of communication experts are on hand and eager to work with you.

How could practice conversations help you?

  • Do you have a job interview coming up that you are rather nervous about?
  • Do you have a presentation coming up and would welcome the opportunity to practice it out loud in front of an audience (of one) and hear feedback?
  • Would your career benefit from going to networking events but the thought of walking in, making small talk and holding a conversation fills you with fear?
  • Maybe you have to have difficult conversations with your team or colleagues, and you recognise that the right wording is essential, but will those right words come to you on the day when you need them the most.
  • Are you someone that has to break bad news?  Would practicing different wording and how to show empathy make that easier for you and the person/people you are talking to?
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