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This has been by far the most valuable  investment in my self-development that I have made.

Catherine Harter

Why Point Taken?

Improved Patient Outcomes

Enhance patient care through effective communication

Confident Communication

Become a more confident communicator in high-pressure situations

Enhanced Collaboration

Improve interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork


Building Confidence In Your Interpersonal Skills

This interpersonal skills workshop has been designed to develop the participants’ knowledge, skill and confidence in the different styles of communication. We address verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal communication and how all three need to work together and complement each other to produce effortless and effective communication.


How Different Cultures Affect Communication

Arriving in the UK to work within the NHS could be intimidating all on its own but throw in cultural differences and this can create all sorts of challenges. This workshop concentrates on understanding the British culture surrounding the NHS and the challenges faced by doctors starting their career.


Understanding Human Behaviour to Communicate More Effectively

This interactive workshop is designed to shed light on the different personality and behaviour types so we can learn to adapt the way we communicate to accommodate others, allowing for confident, assertive and effective communication.


Empathy & Breaking Bad News Workshop

Being a doctor is not just about your medical expertise. It is also about the ability to connect with your patients as individuals on an emotional level using compassion and empathy.


Dealing with Conflict

In large organisations, conflict is unfortunately inevitable. This can be down to mismatched personalities, differences in opinion, work/life stress and miscommunication. This workshop will give you techniques to improve your ability to de-escalate or resolve conflict with confidence.


Group Role-Play

Practice makes perfect. Join a small group of like minded people and practice your communication skills in various scenarios in this safe, supportive environment. Hear and share your feedback to develop your skills and confidence.


1:1 Coaching

This is an opportunity to have some one-to-one time with me to discuss anything that is on your mind and for me to support you to reach your goals.


Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Grundy is a confidence coach and mentor with a firm belief in helping individuals achieve successful and fulfilling lives both professionally and personally.

Since setting up her own business over 12 years ago, Charlotte has worked with clients who struggle with vocal confidence and general communication concerns, whether that be a fear of public speaking or a strong accent that has held them back in life.

For the last 6 years Charlotte has supported medical professionals, especially IMG’s as they navigate their career in the NHS. She has helped them develop an understanding of the British culture, how to communicate with colleagues respectfully and navigate difficult situations with confidence.

"My aim is to give you bespoke training and techniques to achieve your personal goals of communicating clearly, effectively with confidence and authenticity."

Charlotte is a professionally trained actress, graduating from the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama in 2007. "A significant part of my training was studying the voice and how it works. We also gained skills in controlling and even using anxiety and nerves on stage in order to perform with energy and confidence, learning how to engage with an audience."

"I want my clients to have an understanding of why we get nervous, how those nerves can manifest themselves and most importantly how to control those nerves and use them to our advantage."

"I am passionate about seeing people thrive without limitations."

Charlotte - Point Taken


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