Accent Softening

6-week programme - 1hr a week

Whether you want to change your accent completely or just neutralise it, you will learn to understand the voice and how it works to have clearer more effective speech.

The foundation of this six-week course is the Phonemic Chart; the individual sounds of British Southern English (also known as the Queen’s English or BBC English) and how each sound is made. As your confidence grows, we will begin to look at everyday words and sentences and then build what you have learnt into your everyday conversation.

Throughout the course you will be taught exercises to strengthen your articulation and diction so that all sounds you make are clear and strong.

You will be given a workbook, helpful recordings, and homework so you can carry on the learning in your own time.

By the end of this course, you will have knowledge of the sounds of the Queen’s English and how to make them. You will have built up the facial muscles needed to deliver clearer more powerful speech and - most importantly - your confidence will have grown as you recognise the improvement in your voice and the effectiveness in your communication.

Lessons are available face to face and over Zoom.
Please get in touch if you have any questions and to find out about pricing.

The 6 week course will address:

  • Phonemics (the individual sounds of Southern British English)
  • Particular sounds that are difficult for the individual.
  • Exercises to strengthen articulation and diction
  • Pronunciation
  • Clarity
  • Speed of delivery
  • Energy and stamina
  • Eye Contact
  • Effective body language and gestures
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