Communication Skills Training Workshops for Medical Professionals

A big part of what I do is helping medical professionals with their communication skills. Whether that be International Medical Graduates coming to experience the NHS for the first time or experience doctors who would like to brush up their communication skills. The workshops focus on a patient centred approach helping the doctor appreciate and have empathy for the patient’s point of view. With this approach we can then help the doctor to reduce stress, improve confidence, keep to time restrictions, and have better relationships with their patients.

These workshops are also ideal for medical professional preparing to sit an exam that involves communication skills stations including PLAB, PACES, MRCGP and MRCOG My workshops are designed to be informative and interactive. Through slides, discussion, and role play each delegate will have the chance to put into practice their new skills in a safe, encouraging environment.

My workshops include:

Full day Interpersonal Skills Workshop from 10am to 3pm. £200 per person

Course content

  • Body Language or Non–verbal Communication - Understand the components of effective non-verbal communication and understand non-verbal cues and how to read them.
  • Active Listening - Understand the importance of active listening and perspectives
  • Open and Closed Questions - How to take concise, relevant history using a blend of open and closed questions. Proving a clear, reasoned style. How to use the right questioning to encourage dialogue. Recognise that patients do not present their history in a structured fashion. Tips and tactics for influencing others and arriving at a win-win situation.
  • Accent Softening – Speed of delivery, stresses on words, articulation and diction, and using pauses effectively. Avoiding medical jargon. Instead, being able to explain thoughts in a clear, concise way.
  • Empathy – Understand when and how to show empathy. Be aware that the way bad news is delivered can affect your patient for the rest of their lives. Sensitively communicate bad news as an essential part of professional practice.
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Cultural Communications Workshop £140 per person

  • What do we mean by cultural communication?
  • Why are communication skills so important?
  • Rapport building / Small talk
  • Improving verbal communication
  • Idioms and colloquialisms
  • Accent softening
  • Perspectives
  • Effective body language and gestures
  • How to show empathy
  • Breaking bad news
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How to show empathy £140 per person

  • The qualities of empathy.
  • The importance of active listening.
  • How to build rapport with your patient from the beginning of the consultation.
  • Practical ways to show empathy.
  • How to use empathy when breaking bad news.
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How to deal with conflict £140 per person

  • Skills on how to deal with conflict.
  • Recognising your own emotional state and how to manage it.
  • How to develop empathy and understanding for other people’s positions.
  • Active listening.
  • Compromise.
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